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Nov 5, 2019 Written by 

This Is the Explanation of the Permit to Build the Saint Joseph Karimun Catholic Church Be the first to comment!

Father Kristiono Widodo (left) accompanied by the Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee of the Church Development Committee (PPG) Romesko Purba (right) when holding a press conference. Father Kristiono Widodo (left) accompanied by the Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee of the Church Development Committee (PPG) Romesko Purba (right) when holding a press conference.

Karimun - Fr. Kristiono Widodo held a press conference about the construction (total renovation) of the St. Joseph Parish Catholic Church in Karimun Regency, which is in front of the Karimun Balai Sector Police.

The press conference took place in the church hall, Saturday 26 October 2019, attended by dozens of journalists from various mass media.

Also accompanying Father Kristiono Widodo was the opportunity, Chairperson of the Church Development Committee (PPG), Romesko Purba.

To note, there is already an agreement between the Bishop of Pangkal Pinang Diocese of Mgr. Prof. Dr. Adrianus Sunarko, OFM, Parish Priest of St. Joseph Tanjung Balai Karimun, Father Kristiono Widodo with Karimun Regent and security forces.

The agreement is, the church will conduct socialization before construction is carried out.

Father Kristiono Widodo said the reason for the construction (total renovation) of the church was because of its inadequate capacity. The church's capacity is currently only 100 people, while people who come to reach 600 people.

"Its capacity is currently only able to accommodate more than 100 congregants. So Catholics must worship outside to the walls, church fences and outside the church, get heated and exposed to water when it rains. Another noise from passing vehicles. Catholics in Karimun Regency around 2,200 people, "he said.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Church Development Committee (PPG), Romesko Purba, explained that the rehab will carry out a total rehab Building Permit Building (IMB) Number 0386 / DPMPTSP / IMB-81/2019, issued on October 2, 2019 by the Regent of Karimun through the Head of Dinas Penanaman Modal, Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu Kabupaten Karimun, One Stop Integrated Service in Karimun Regency.

He continued, the licensing process began 8 years ago. For 8 years, there has been a lot of mediation and the church has accommodated the wishes of the community, which is respecting local wisdom.

The building in IMB consists of the Church of 1 building with 1 floor area of ​​576 square meters with a height of 11.80 meters and 1 rectory building (House and Office) with 3 floors covering an area of ​​784 M2.

"We are not building buildings on vacant land. But the church already existed or was established in 1928 before the Indonesian republic became independent. The process of administering the IMB has complied with applicable rules and regulations. The church building permit has legal force in force, so that construction will continue," Romi said his nickname.

Romi also straightened out issues that were circulating or allegedly circulated by certain elements.

First, the issue that the statue of the Virgin Mary will be Build so high that it appears from a distance or a domestic port is not true.

"In the submitted picture, we did not build a statue of the Virgin Mary like that information," he said.

The second content, regarding the Cross which is said to be tall and big is not true at all.

"According to the agreement, the Church accommodates local wisdom, that is, the Church does not use symbols, including the Cross outside the building," he added.

The third issue, said the Church building is two floors and is feared to be an icon of mercy meant by a cross and a statue of the Virgin Mary, is not true.

"In accordance with the mutual agreement, the Church building must not be higher than the official residence of the Karimun Regent, which is 12 meters high. The Church building is only 11.80 meters. Except for the Pastor's residence and office (a type of shophouse), the church is only 1 floor," continued Romi.

On this occasion Romi also said, for Catholics who want to make donations for church construction, can send it to the BCA Account in the name of the St. Joseph Tanjung Balai Karimun Catholic Church Development Committee or Panitia Pembangunan Gereja for Rupiah through BCA 8070580889, in the form of Singapore Dollar through BCA 8070580081. (editor)


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